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97 Percent of U.S. Electric Companies Are Vulnerable to Impersonation by North Korean Spear Phishers


North Korean hackers have been targeting U.S. electric companies via spear-phishing attacks, as NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Ken Dilanian reported this week.

Unfortunately, these utilities remain...

76 Percent of Inboxes Worldwide Now Enforce Email Authentication — If Senders Enable It

Note: This post is being jointly published by the Global Cyber Alliance and ValiMail.

Support for email authentication among the world’s ISPs has surged significantly in the past two years, new...

98% of Financial Services Companies Vulnerable to Email Impersonation

In April, the five largest banks in the U.S. adopted email authentication through DMARC, giving their customers, employees, and partners the ability to trust emails they send.

DMARC Failure Reports: What Are They Good For? (Absolutely Nothing!)

DMARC is a powerful tool that domain owners can use to protect their domains — and thus their brands — from abuse. At enforcement (a policy of “quarantine” or “reject”) it stops impersonation...

Why Your Company Could be Unprotected Due to Incorrect DMARC Implementation

Ninety percent of security breaches start with a phishing email. The most effective type of phish — and the hardest to detect — is the email impersonation attack, where fraudsters use a false name...

Senator: Why Are Fed Agencies So Vulnerable to Email Fraud?

We were pleasantly surprised to see a letter from Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon to the Department of Homeland Security today, asking the DHS “to take immediate steps to ensure that hackers cannot...

What Is DMARC?


Note: This is the fourth post in a series covering the basics of email authentication. 

What Is Email Authentication?

This is the first in a series of posts covering the basics of email authentication. Read the rest of the series:

For most of the past 40 years, we’ve ...

Being Careful About Links Is Not Enough

Photo by Chris Dlugosz/Flickr

According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s Q3 2016 report (.pdf), there are over 100,000 unique phishing sites active every month. And


The ValiMail Blog: Return to Sender

Everything you ever wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about email authentication DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and how they can stop fraud and phishing.

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