Deliver your brand logo to the inbox with Valimail Amplify™

Amplify is an automated BIMI solution that enables you to easily drive new brand impressions, increase email open rates, and control brand consistency at scale.

What is BIMI?

And are you BIMI ready?

BIMI is a standard that provides a secure, global framework in which inboxes display sender-designated logos for authenticated messages. It also includes protections preventing senders from spoofing logos owned by other organizations.

To use BIMI effectively, domains must implement DMARC at enforcement to ensure proper validation of both emails and logos. Key participating mailbox providers also require a trademarked logo and a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC).

Amplify your brand

Roughly 2 billion inboxes now support BIMI globally

  • Millions to billions of potential new brand impressions.
  • Improve email open rates (~10%) to drive marketing ROI.
  • Control how your brand logo is displayed and boost brand trust

Implement BIMI quickly and efficiently – at scale

No manual DNS updates; records managed on customer’s behalf

Step-by-step support for VMC acquisition and configuration

All records and logos managed from one unified dashboard

Scalable for orgs with multiple brand entities, domains, and logos

Valimail founded, named, and resourced the BIMI standard

We’ve been an avid supporter of BIMI since Valilmail’s founding in 2015. BIMI is an industry-wide effort to advance email authentication and help all brands protect themselves.

Seth Blank

Chair of the AuthIndicators Working Group (BIMI’s creators) and Chief Product Officer, Valimail

We have you covered.

Valimail has fast-tracked the BIMI process with a scalable solution for organizations with multiple brand entities, domains and logos.

We have partnered with leading certificate authorities to handle the acquisition and management of Verified Mark Certificates — a BIMI requirement.

Get on the right track to BIMI and meet with one of our BIMI Experts today – submit your availability and we’ll be in touch to get you on the BIMI fast track.

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