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97 Percent of U.S. Electric Companies Are Vulnerable to Impersonation by North Korean Spear Phishers


North Korean hackers have been targeting U.S. electric companies via spear-phishing attacks, as NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Ken Dilanian reported this week.

Unfortunately, these utilities remain...

76 Percent of Inboxes Worldwide Now Enforce Email Authentication — If Senders Enable It

Note: This post is being jointly published by the Global Cyber Alliance and ValiMail.

Support for email authentication among the world’s ISPs has surged significantly in the past two years, new...

Breaking DKIM? Or Simply Misunderstanding How It Works In Practice

A recent post by German software developer and security researcher Steffen Ulrich claims that it’s possible to create emails that pass both DKIM and DMARC validation, but which show malicious...

98% of Financial Services Companies Vulnerable to Email Impersonation

In April, the five largest banks in the U.S. adopted email authentication through DMARC, giving their customers, employees, and partners the ability to trust emails they send.


The ValiMail Blog: Return to Sender

Everything you ever wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about email authentication DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and how they can stop fraud and phishing.

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