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Is Your Agency DMARC Compliant?


Alexander García-Tobar, CEO and co-founder of ValiMail, joined the drive-time show “ Federal Drive ” on  Federal News Radio  to...
Valimail’s Email Authentication as a Service ™ gives you full control and visibility of your email services.


  1. Is Your Agency DMARC Compliant?
  2. U.S. Government DMARC Adoption Surges, Just Ahead of the Deadline
  3. Why Credit Companies and the IRS Won’t Send You Email


Banks Want to Help You Send Money. So Do Phishers

A group of U.S. banks are starting to offer a service called Zelle that lets you send money to your friends using their email address or mobile number, easily, fast and free.

DMARC Failure Reports: What Are They Good For? (Absolutely Nothing!)

DMARC is a powerful tool that domain owners can use to protect their domains — and thus their brands — from abuse. At enforcement (a policy of “quarantine” or “reject”) it stops impersonation...

Why Your Company Could be Unprotected Due to Incorrect DMARC Implementation

Ninety percent of security breaches start with a phishing email. The most effective type of phish — and the hardest to detect — is the email impersonation attack, where fraudsters use a false name...